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  • With lunchtime just around the corner, I am reminiscing these yummy treats from a bakery in Bath. Just a plain old sandwich for me today for lunch though. #bath #bakeryshop #somerset
  • Happy Friday everyone!
I’ve gained a lot of new followers recently so I thought I would do something fun and do a five facts about me post.
1) I was born in Malaysia
2) I like to dunk my chips into ice cream (I’m a weirdo!)
3) My favourite film is The Notebook
4) I used to work as an Actuary
5) If I could eat only one thing in the world, it would be noodles! 🍜
I nominate fellow small business owners @mhairi_stella @tillyandtype @thepinkrosebud @thetreasured to do #fivefacts about themselves too!
  • Having always stuck to the same perfume, I’d love to try out some new scents!
My all time favourites are 
Miss Dior by @diorparfums 
Pear and Pink Magnolia by @crabtreeuk 
What are your go to scents?
  • If you need me, I’ll be right here on my sofa for the rest of winter with a cup of tea in my hand. It’s been so cold, guys! P.S. how cute is this new mug that is newly launched on my website?! #wintertime #coffeemug #iloveprettythings
  • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day but finding food that actually fills me up until lunch has been a real struggle until I saw @aldiuk selling protein granola and it’s just what I needed. I’m all fuelled up and ready to get through my long list of orders now 👯. #granola #breakfastbowl #stationerylove
  • Sunday afternoons spent chatting and giggling away with Mr PINKU in cute cafes are the best! Hope you’re all having a lovely day. #coffeeshopcorners #sundayfun #darlingweekend